Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Child Portraits on the North Shore

 Jacquie. Yet again, you've worked (and captured) magic.

We just adore these so much. They are ALL fantastic! You totally captured how right now she's in to everything, explores, focuses, and moves on. It's our girl to a T. Thank you so. I'm on the west coast all week until next Saturday for work ......

Being away from my Effie all week is so hard. You really made my night when I downloaded my emails in the hotel tonight and saw these. Thank you so.

Seriously--there is no way to pick a favorite! It's like Alice in Wonderland. And 77 is hysterical! What was going through her little head?

We're just delighted!

Loved this email from Effie's mom (the last image is #77)


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