Monday, July 14, 2014


Here are a few cuties from the last few sessions. Once again I find that I'm so caught up in sessions that I don't have time to blog!  Anyway, newborns are becoming so much more fun these days!
These two little ones slept right away and let us play and do all sorts of great things!!
I wasn't sure about getting the purple backdrop but it seems to be very popular!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Newborn portraits on the North Shore of Boston

OMG how adorable is THIS???  Myles is 7 days old BUT was born weighing in at almost 10 lbs - the little champ!  He was also 2 weeks late so we were a bit afraid he wouldn't do all the newborn things he was supposed to.... like SLEEP!  He did poo a lot ;-) but that's okay because after a lot to eat and a lot of mom and dad love he finally drifted off to sleep and we were able to get some wonderful images to celebrate his new life!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maternity Portraits on the North Shore and in Boston

As you all know - maternity is one of my FAV things to photography.. I love the sensual nature of the portraits and the glow the women have. Melissa was a wonderful client today!

children's portraits in Boston and on the North Shore

Ayla - my muse. I've been photographing her since she was in her mom's tummy. Last year her image won the international print competition.  She is always a joy to photography and this year it got more fun.  At 4, she is spunkier than ever!

Friday, May 30, 2014

maternity portraits on the North Shore

One of the most fun things about shooting maternity is the opportunity to experiment.  I'm starting to work with fans and fabric and am so fortunate that the type of women I have coming to the studio are adventurous, open, creative and fun.   

Friday, May 23, 2014

Newborn Portraits in Boston and on the North Shore

Ahhhhhh isn't Dominic adorable?  When is mom called me to schedule he was already 10 days old and I was a bit worried... 15 days at our session?? hmmmmm. I try to do all newborn sessions between 5 - 10 days. This is the best time for a newborn session - they've figured out how to nurse but haven't started cluster feeding yet so they are perfect for sleeping!  How would Dominic be? Would we be able to get him to sleep? Would he be super fussy? Would this end up a marathon 4 hour session?   Questions, yes, concerns, no. 

Well, he was a dream. He did take a while to fall asleep but we got there in the end - mom and dad called me a baby whisperer ;-)    That's a nice compliment.  The session was just shy of 2 hours and we got some amazing images. I'm so happy to work with just wonderful people. Newborn sessions are always special.

I hear some people talk about choosing a photographer because they are willing to travel, or they are will give them a 4 hour session. Spector Photographer will always travel to where ever you are and if 4 hours is needed then 4 hours is needed. Those should be givens with any photographer. I have two things to say about this however. First, if a photographer NEEDS 4 hours for a newborn session then maybe they aren't as skilled or experienced in handling newborns. Second, I am very happy to come to the home of a family but I do try to explain the advantages of being in the studio where there is a controlled environment for heat and light, lots of backdrops, baskets, wraps etc...   That said choosing your photographer is SO VERY important. You need to be comfortable with them and happy with results. I hope I give you all this and more!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The studio is looking for newborns between 5 - 10 days old to photograph in June and July.
Parents will receive a free session, 10 high resolution files from the session and 20% all products.

If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us try out our new props please get in touch with the studio to schedule a session!

Family portraits in Boston and the North Shore

LOVE LOVE LOVED this session with the girls and their mom. It makes a big difference in a session when a little effort is made to coordinate clothes and make it special. Professional portrait sessions are special. When you book a professional photographer you are making an investment both financially and with your time. So it pays to make an effort so the results are as fabulous as they can be. These girls were amazing and sooooo much fun!!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

LET IT GO - Dyslexia Project


As some of you know I'm starting a photographic project on Dyslexia. It's in the beginning stages and I'm looking for elementary aged kids to star in the series. We'll play with fabrics and hats and fans..we'll have fun and dance and just LET GO!  Girls should wear spaghetti strap sundresses in a solid color, boys in jeans and white t-shirts.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in taking part please contact the studio for more information.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Babies and Bellies Photography in Boston and the North Shore

Shelby and Anthony came by the studio this rainy morning for their Belly session. We had hoped to be outside and rescheduled once already but baby is due in 5 weeks so we figured waiting for a sunny day probably wasn't an option.  We had a blast. We got out the fan, the fabric the backdrops and played for a good hour and a half. I loved hearing how excited they were to soon have these images to keep and look back on after baby number two was born (this is baby number one).

It's always great when you are part of something you know will be around for years and years and make people so happy. Baby is due soon and I'll be back with newborn images to share!