Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Framed perfection

You know, so often I get asked "well, what should I do with my new portrait".  Sometimes I think people want to capture their family at a special time but aren't quite sure how to show off the beautiful results. I'm always there to help advise. Gallery wraps are great and so many people love them but sometimes homes don't lend themselves to the contemporary look and feel of a wrap.

Custom framing is a great option for those who want a contemporary feel but want their artwork to work well with what's already on their walls. Framing can be expensive but with Spector Photography you can get your portrait mounted, UV protected and framed (ready to hang) for as little as $100.. wow. 

I'm excited to introduce my newest frames.  Here are just a few. In all we offer over 50 choices so there is something for everyone!

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